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React Native WhatsApp Clone 

Regular (no audio and video call) - $79.00

Extended (with audio and video call) - $158.00

Product Details

React Native Whatsapp clone for both IOS and Android.

This template is created with React Native for android and iOS. Fully integrated with a Backend, Scalable, easily editable and ready to launch.

Product Information

By buying our product, you’ll get the complete scalable React Native source code, that is easy to edit and maintained. You also get a complete source code for firebase functions.

Additionally, we provide detailed documentation on how to get started with the Whatsapp clone, premium customer support and continuous updates on product improvement and new features.




App Features

  • Video and Audio calling

    • Connection Service integration for Android

    • PushKit & CallKit integration for iOS

    • Foreground, Background and Locked Screen calls

    • Group and 1:1 calls

  • Messaging

    • Real-time 1:1 Private conversation

    • Real-time Group conversation

    • Group Avatar

    • Rename Group

    • Share photos, videos, and audio file.

    • Typing indicator

    • Online indicator

    • last seen

    • unread message count

    • clickable URL

    • copy text feature

    • caption photos and videos

  • Status Updates

    • Share photos and videos.

    • Recent Status Updates

    • Viewed Status Updates

  • Phone Contacts

    • Load registered phone contacts

    • chat with registered phone contacts

    • create a group from registered phone contacts

  • Push Notification

  • Search Feature

  • Recent Search terms

  • Customer Account

    • Profile Details

    • Edit Profile Details

    • Contact Us

  • Customer Authentication Flow

    • Sign up/Sign in with Phone number

    • Auto verify code (Android only)

    • Integration with Firebase Auth

    • Logout

Product License

For all licenses, You get full source code, support for getting Started, comprehensive documentation and notification no product Improvements. 

You may not use in multiple ends product.

If you plan to build for a client, then you should be purchasing Extended License.
With Extended License purchase, you are only allowed a one time use for a client.

Visit our License page here for detailed information on each Licence.

App Design

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