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React Native Uber Eats Clone

Regular - $225.00

Developer - $425.00

Product Details

React native Uber Eats Clone for both IOS and Android.

A food ordering and delivery app template. It contains a Customer mobile app, Delivery mobile app and a Restaurant mobile app. Created with React Native for android and iOS. Fully integrated with a Backend. Scalable and ready to launch.

Product Information

By buying this product, you’ll get the complete React Native source code for 3 functional mobile apps. and a firebase function written in nodejs.

Additionally, we provide detailed documentation on how to get started. For Extended License purchase, you get premium customer customer, real-time chat support, continuous updates on product improvement and new features, and more.



App Features

Consumer App – Features

  • Auth flow

  • Featured restaurants

  • Restaurant menus

  • Recently viewed products

  • Categories

  • Restaurants near me (with editable address).

  • Search for restaurants with keyword or name

  • Notifications

  • Cart system

  • Checkout with Stripe

    • Delivery Address

    • Manage Cards (Add, Delete)

    • Scan card

  • Order Tracking

    • Estimated Time

    • Order status update in threads

    • Map Route Tracking in real-time and eta

    • Driver handling order

  • Chat system (customer - driver)

    • Text, Voice note, Photo and Video Messages

    • Supports Emojis

  • Geolocation

  • Ratings & Reviews for restaurants

  • Account & Settings

  • Persist app state so cart is always saved.

  • Wishlist

Driver App (Delivery Boy App)

  • Auth (phone number)

  • Online / Offline mode

  • Accept / Decline Orders

  • Full-fledged turn-by-turn navigation UI with voice support

  • Delivery History

  • Push Notifications

  • Chat system (driver - customer)

    • Text, Voice note, Photo and Video Messages

    • Supports Emojis

  • Account & Settings

Restaurant Admin App (Dashboard)

  • Order Tracking

    • Estimated Delivery Time

    • Order status update in thread

    • Track driver picking order

    • Map Route Tracking in real-time and eta

  • Manage Products

    • Group by menu or categories

    • Add New Product with options

    • Edit Products

    • Delete Products

  • Restaurant Reviews & Ratings

  • Account & Settings

Product License

For all licenses, You get full source code, support for getting Started, comprehensive documentation and notification no product Improvements. 

You may not use in multiple ends product.

If you plan to build for a client, then you should be purchasing Extended License.
With Extended License purchase, you are only allowed a one time use for a client.

Visit our License page here for detailed information on each Licence.

App Design

Consumer App Design

Driver App Design

Vendor App Design

Driver Auth Flow